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From selecting the right catheter for models to maintaining genetic integrity and performing health monitoring, our experts will cover a wide range of topics that support laboratory animal models and help you achieve your unique research goals.

You’ll gain new insights on:

  • Maintaining Genetic Integrity in Rodent Lines presented by Sheri Church, PhD, Global Geneticist 

    • Managing the genetic diversity and integrity of model organisms is fundamental to the success of the life-changing research that our clients conduct. Whether it be inbred or outbred lines, researchers must be able to count on our animals to reflect to the appropriate genotypes. However, over time all populations evolve. Sheri will discuss a variety of ways that we maintain the genetic integrity of our rodent strains including genetic monitoring, cryopreservation, and genetic refreshing.
  • A Strong Biosecurity Program Supports Strong Animal Welfare presented by Mandy Horn, MS, Manager, Veterinary Science

    • Biosecurity, as mentioned in the current “Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals”, are measures taken to address known or unknown infections in an animal colony. In laboratory rodent colonies, biosecurity is most critical since large numbers of animals are usually housed closely together. This seminar will discuss prevention, detection, and control of infections in rodent colonies and considerations to a routine auditing process that will better protect the welfare of each animal under your institutions care.
  • Improving Animal Welfare and Surgical Outcomes presented by Brad Gien, Director of Operations 

    • During this presentation you will learn key pre-operative procedures to improve success rates, post-operative care suggestions for different surgical procedures for various species, and technologies to effectively monitor animals post-surgery.

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