Successfully performing a sophisticated surgery to create a myocardial infarction model

Your team may have the space and expertise to perform myocardial infarction surgery in rodents and specialized surgeries for your models, but is it the best use of time and resources to meet important development milestones?

For years, this customer performed the specialized surgeries internally, but preferred their scientists focus time and effort on research and data analysis. Inotiv, with a proven track record of surgical success from highly-skilled experts, was selected as the partner for this collaborative effort.

With a complex microsurgery to perform, this wasn’t an ordinary outsourced service. Learn more about the challenges of mimicking myocardial infarction surgery in rats and the results of the collaboration in our brief case study.

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  • The challenges of mimicking myocardial infarction
  • Meeting criteria for a strict ejection fraction (EF)
  • Lessons learned to improve microsurgery results

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