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Watch our webinar on fiber in lab rodent diets anytime.

There are two major types of laboratory rodent diets. Standard natural ingredient diets or "chows" are fed to maintain animal colonies and at times are fed as control diets. These diets are comprised of grain ingredients and other agricultural commodities and contain a range of complex plant polysaccharides and fiber.

In contrast, purified diets use highly refined ingredients such as casein, corn starch, sucrose, etc., that allow for the precise control of nutrient levels and limit non-nutritive factors. Understanding the differences in these two types of diets is important for reading and interpreting research in many different areas.

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The composition and terminology of laboratory animal diets
  • How to understand fiber measurements
  • Considerations and the process for formulating custom fiber adjusted diets 

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