Cannulock™ Buttons Extend Catheter Patency in Rodents
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Our new paper, “Cannulock™ Buttons Extend Catheter Patency in Rodents,” discusses a recent study that compared the long-term patency of catheters that were exteriorized using three different systems: 1) Cannulock™ Buttons, 2) Cannulock™ Ports and 3) Standard fixed exteriorizations.

In the study, use of Cannulock™ Buttons increased full patency of the catheters by 20% at 45 days post-surgery compared to standard fixed catheter exteriorizations and Cannulock™ Ports. When it comes to long-term studies, Cannulock™ Buttons should be researchers’ exteriorization of choice.

Moreover, since sampling, flushing and locking is less burdensome with Cannulock™ Buttons than other methods, this system enhances the 3Rs and makes technicians’ jobs easier.

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  • Enhanced catheter patency
  • Improved animal welfare
  • Easy for technicians to use

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