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We’re on our new path as a dedicated research models and services provider under Inotiv. As such, we provide large, rodent, and genetically engineered animal models as well as related services and Teklad diets and bedding. All of which is produced under the highest standards of animal welfare and care.

Expanded Inotiv capabilities

You can still expect the same high quality products and service as you did before. The only difference is Inotiv offers more services and related products to supplement your research. Explore our research animal models, Teklad diets and bedding, surgical services, and more.

  • As a complement to our rabbits and nonhuman primates, we offer mice and rat models. Choose the ideal model strain for your research with our small animal research models.
  • Develop a genetically engineered model that meets your specific research needs or choose a pre-developed rodent model from our genetically engineered models and services (GEMS) portfolio.
  • Discover our Teklad diet, bedding and enrichment to ensure your study animals have the most appropriate diet to maintain consistent, reliable research data.
  • We provide the highest quality surgical services for modified rodent animal models. We are dedicated to the humane care and use of research animals and thus we subject ourselves to stringent regulations and training.
  • Learn more about our contract breeding services to help you manage and maintain your colonies. You have a research ally who brings both a provider and customer perspective to your program as we develop and execute your plan of action.
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