Characterization, development, and applications of the novel ultra-immunodeficient B-NDG mouse model

Can our B-NDG mouse help advance your next study?

A new highly immunodeficient model, the B-NDG mouse, is now available from Envigo for your next study. This model is a single-gene knockout mouse that was generated by deleting the common gamma chain (IL2rg) gene in NOD-scid mice using CRISPR-Cas9 technology.

The B-NDG mouse is suitable for engraftment with human cancer cells or tissue, and can be utilized to develop PDX, CDX, and humanized models. In fact, more than 300 PDX models have been successfully established across several tumor types.

B-NDG has been used in dozens of peer-reviewed publications for various applications. Researchers should feel confident selecting the B-NDG mouse for their next study involving a PDX, CDX, or humanized model.

Explore the numerous benefits of the B-NDG mouse. This model:

  • Lacks mature T cells, B cells, and functional natural killer (NK) cells
  • Displays a deficiency in cytokine signaling
  • Can be engrafted with human cancer cells or tissue
  • May be used to develop PDX, CDX, and humanized models with HSCs or PBMCs

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